France stirs with talk of political comeback for Dominique Strauss-Kahn

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Something about this whole case was funny when this first broke.  My issue with the case was if DSK forced himself on to this women or was it consensual.  We should not care much about how Mr. Strauss-Kahn likes to get down in the bedroom, except that he does have a wife.  In my mind, I knew that someone of his power and position wanted to engage in these acts, those services would be provided most likely, pretty quick.  What angered me the most was that this was a presidential  candidate for a major ally & power that has control of nuclear weapons.

What we are saying in effect that an alleged pervert rapist that was at the time of the reporting, supposedly two weeks away from announcing his candidacy (AND, I might add; a favorite to win!); had passed their vetting process.   That a man (not to pick on DSK, this is now just more of a discussion) could rise that through the ranks and not be detected and removed from office.  It is a very evil and dark place if you are forcing yourself on anyone else.  That is what angered me from this case and also what made something seem a little odd.  If I had to speculate, someone over in France was really fortunate for those turn of events.  Being that tough economic times are ahead and uncertainty with other Euro partners.  Regardless, hopefully this represents justice and not something else.  With these new facts about the maid and the people she spoke with right after and other inconsistencies does weaken the case against DSK substantially.   We will see?

LA Times –As head of the International Monetary Fund, he had been considered a “Washington exile” in French political circles.  Charged with sexually assaulting a New York hotel housekeeper, he became the “Sofitel Accused” and then the “Rikers Island Prisoner.”  Today, he has been reincarnated as the “Phoenix of New York.”

Before his arrest in May, Strauss-Kahn was widely predicted by polls as able to beat President Nicolas Sarkozy in next year’s election.  Stunned supporters of Strauss-Kahn, who had written off his political career, now are planning his comeback after news that the sexual assault case against him may be falling apart.

There was a sense that his Socialist Party had come almost full circle: from hopes of Strauss-Kahn winning next May’s election, to shock at his arrest, to despair at his ordeal, back to shock, and now to new hope after claims that the woman who accused him of attempted rape may have lied.

Although newspapers and media commentators took care to emphasize that the veteran politician known as DSK had not been cleared, friends and allies have opened the door to suggestions that he could make a comeback.

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