InvestorEarth Offers Access to EOs, CMOs, MTNs, BGs, Private Investments and Commodities

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Editor’s Note: It is good to see that they acknowledge the major problem of “broker chains” and all kinds of issues with people posing as mandate representatives to either get your buyer or seller information. We have signed up to get more information and if it is what the press release says it is, a review will be done in the future.

With more than 37 combined years of purchasing distressed real estate, educating others in buying and selling foreclosures, bulk REO (real estate owned) acquisitions, builder closeouts, MTN’s (Medium or Mid Term Notes), CMO’s (Collateralized Mortgage Obligations) and the privatized world of High Yield Private Investments, InvestorEarth is now online. “Maximizing ROI and minimizing risk is what InvestorEarth is all about”; says Daniel Bruckner, Manager of Strategic Holdings, LLC.

Bruckner further added; “Our main goal is to create a business model based on simplifying the whole process of investments starting in the real estate arena of Bulk REO purchases on up to the bejeweled world of MTN’s, CMO’s and PPO’s. This has led to a network of educating high net worth individuals on the different aspects of real estate investment opportunities.”

“As Glanvill so eloquently put,” Bruckner noted, “Verisimilitude and opinion are an easy purchase; but true knowledge is dear and difficult. Furthermore, today’s distressed real estate market along with the Investors’ confidence level being at an all time low demands not opinion, but the experienced knowledge, advantageous education and tried and true results which we have realized over a combined 37 years of working in this industry.”

One concern Investors have is where to place their liquidity. What is the best plan of action? Should there be a fundamental focus on bulk REO and builder closeout acquisitions or should an Investor look at his investment opportunities more as a diversification of choices? InvestorEarth will be your portal for having your concerns addressed, your questions answered and your expectations met.

Rest assured that “broker chains” are not evidenced here. Confidentiality is kept in the strictest manner. Education is at the forefront of what InvestorEarth offers. InvestorEarth has the capability to link Investors, as well as their fiduciary representatives, directly to programs and platforms that have gone through the scrutiny, due diligence and authenticity of our team.

InvestorEarth believes that the private offerings and inner workings of investments represent the best value in today’s market. While a shrinking part of their established Investor base still prefers REO’s and builder closeouts, more and more are headed down the road which leads them to higher returns, less employed efforts, lower due diligence phases and risks that are for the most part imperceptible.

As a result InvestorEarth has readily available programs that can immediately be implemented and have high yielding ROI’s realized quickly. As an added bonus for its savvy clientele, the new website at offers updated daily educational materials and feature articles on everything from REO’s to CMO’s, MTN’s, BG’s and High Yield Private Investments.

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