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Chase has a REO search on their website is not as visual as others we have reviewed. Where it lacks in pretty graphics it makes up in robust search features. I would recommend doing “new searchers” when you want to change states. I changed from California to Florida and it told me Chase had no REO listings. I think we all know they do, I clicked on the “new search” and inputted my state abbreviation and Poof! alot more listings in Florida.

Another nice feature is the additional information they give you about the broker that is handling the listing. They give you broker name, brokerage name, brokerage address , email and of course phone number. I find many other sites will give you broker name and either email or phone and thats it.

Bank REO Info:

We occasionally need to foreclose on a small number of properties around the country. As a result, we may have Chase-owned properties for sale from time to time to prospective homebuyers.


Chase Bank Owned


4 Responses to “Chase REO Property Database”
  1. Jennifer C. says:

    Does anyone know what REO Asset Management software JP Morgan – Chase uses?

  2. Just the link i was looking for. Thanks.

  3. Dan Smet says:

    There is a Chase owned home next to us and we would like to look into buying it, but we cannot find out who to contact.
    We know it went into foreclosure, we know it went to auction (Jan. 11th) and we believe it didn’t sell then either.
    It’s been sitting here for a couple years, pool, etc.
    Why can’t we find it anywhere, so we can maybe put an offer in?

    The Address is: 15436 Orlanda Drive Bonita Springs FL (Village Walk of Bonita)

  4. lisa welch says:

    WHAT THE HECK? went to sheriff auction, had cash. banks bought every property.
    can not speak to anyone about the property and it has never been listed with a reality agent. This house is setting empty with the doors hanging open. What happens when winter comes and pipes freeze or vandols tear it up more than the owners did upon leaving? Chase would not take the cash and cut thier loses(which wouldnt be much since they run to the goverment everytime they are in trouble) The home has potential, but the longer it sits the less its going to be worth. I have searched for a phone number to call someone about it and I look at all the new listings every day but cant find it.

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