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Citi Bank through its subsidiary CitiMortgage has its REO listings available on its website.  It is a pretty clean website with a robust search function.

At the time of this writing, Citi has only residential REO listings with single and multi-family property listings.  Citi has listings for almost every state in the U.S.

The listing themselves do not have pictures or any additional information about the real estate.  They do list the brokers phone number.


Citi Bank Owned


5 Responses to “Citi Mortgage Bank REO Properties”
  1. Good morning I would like to inquire as to the procedure required to be considered for your REO
    properties in the metro Denver area. I have been a full time broker in Denver for 30 years. Happy trails, Tripp

  2. Peggy TIllman-Young says:

    My offer was accepted for a CitiBank REO property. The earnest check has been deposited. Now, they claim they did not intend to agree to the contigency listed in the offer and on their TAAR addendum, but they did. They are placing it back on the market. I have 16 days to be out of my home because it is sold. It has been a nightmare dealing with these people.

  3. The access to the Citi site is not valid…any update is appreciated.


  4. LJ Miehe says:

    Fixed. Thank you for heads up.

  5. david griffith says:

    I recently bought a home from Citicorp. I need to talk to whoever handled that property and sale. How do I get them?

    david g

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