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Wells Fargo has taken a slightly different approach than other banks. First, they have setup a mini-website that goes by Premiere Asset Services for their REO listings. Next, they have a partnership with Foreclosure.com to get access to Wells Fargo’s listings so they can display them on their website.

Wells Fargo’s property search is very robust with a nice search criteria for finding real estate that are going to auction. PAS also has email alerts, you can set the criteria for the property you are looking for in the geographic area and when a piece of real estate comes up that meets your property search requirements it will email you with a alert that has a link to the listing.

Bank REO Info:

“Move-in” condition. Handyman special. Luxury homes. Premiere Asset Services offers a wide selection of REO homes, representing assets of several financial institutions that contracted with Premiere Asset Services to manage and market their properties.

To search our database of properties, simply select your criteria in the boxes below, then click ‘Search’.

To obtain additional information on a property, please contact the listing agent; their name and contact information is listed on the property detail page. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, simply register for Email Property Alert.


Well Fargo Bank Owned


6 Responses to “Wells Fargo REOs – Premiere Asset Services”
  1. joan vallee says:

    The city of New Britain, Ct.is looking for properties that fit into the Neighborhood Stabilization Program. There is a property at 71 Winthrop St., that we had under deposit, however the appraisal came in at 58000 and so hud will not let us pay more because of their guidelines. Is there someway to make this work? The city of New Britain is paying the selling broker fees so that may help. I have the appraisal for the property and was wondering if you have seen it. joan

  2. johnny r macon sr says:

    why is a third party nessary for cash for keys why the owner or renter can not recieve the check direct

  3. susan nelson says:

    jmy granddaughter and her fiancee were in the midst of purchasing a townhome in Hugo minnesota….this proplerty i believe was a foreclosure…anyway it was bank owned by Wells Fargo…my granddaugther and her fiancee submitted a bid on the property on April 30….Pres. Obamas final date for the tax break…unfortunately either the realtor or a sub of Wells Fargo did not folllow thur on this and they did not get the papers to them on the 30th till 4;30pm that nite and said they probably would not be able to get it approved or back date this so these 2-20 year olds with a 1 year old child could qualify for the tax break…what the heck is going on ….this is why our country is in dire straights right now…laziness with the banks that we the tax payers bailed out…my husband and I own 4 homes around the US….all without a mortgage and we have added the strenghtening of our country due to our purchases and tax paying all over…someone needs to step to the plate on this and get the tax break for these two young persons….my granddaughter works 2 jobs and is a fulltime mother also a student at a local college of which she get all As and Bs….come on do something

  4. jason says:

    as a realtor it is hard to get banks to sign paper work takes lots of time

  5. mari says:

    i just want to know if wells fargo gets a property from another bank does that mean that wells fargo owns it? or are they just trying to sell it .

  6. C. Hughes says:

    Wells Fargo has been responsible for us being locked out of our house 2 x (I saved it from the 3rd time). The company they hired also was responsible for stealing a lot of my more valuable belongings. I call Wells Fargo constantly with complaints, but I get nothing. No one calls back. From what I understand in Florida it’s illegal to take over the property until the foreclosure is done. But does that stop them? I’ve asked to be reimbursed for my belongings – not even a call back. Next stop, attorney and lawsuit.

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