John McLaughlin’s of “The McLaughlin Group” comments against the farse of Globalism

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This is an interesting story about this comment.  I am a die hard McLaughlin Group fan and I watch it every week period.  The 01/02/2009 episode was his annual 2008 end of the year awards.   He had has is Macro-predictions from the group.  When it came to John, he gave a brilliant observation on the “real” problems we face and what I have been repeating over and over again in different forms and conversations with “you”, the audience.


Unless you watched the episode, you would not be able to find his comment.  I watched the streaming video, streaming audio, down-loadable video and it was not on there.  The editors happened to put the commercial sponsor right where that comment was on all those mediums.   I was almost pulling my hair out until I checked the transcript and there it was.    Please spread this around, he is correct 100%   Now without further ado:

MR. MCLAUGHLIN: “Macro-prediction: 2009 will be the year when it will gradually dawn on U.S. policymakers that the cause of the global economic crisis is globalism itself. The premise that, as we shifted jobs to developing countries, new jobs would develop here to replace them is false. It is not possible to shift production jobs and service jobs to low-cost countries without hollowing out the purchasing power of the middle class. The torture question is, once policymakers realize the global economic system is unsustainable, what will replace it?”

Source: The McLaughlin Group

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