Nobel Laureate Joeseph Stiglitz Says Ties to Wall Street Doom Bank Rescue

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He is correct on this point, the bailout has been targeted to Wall Street on the assumption that if we give them good money and purchase their bad assets off their balance-sheet, it will get them to start lending in the middle of a soft-depression.  Not likely, in reality they are holding on to the cash until this passes then they will lend and make acquisitions are bargain basement prices which in the end will give them more wealth and power.    My question is how long it will take for people to wake-up and see this situation for what it is and start holding our elected representatives accountable to the biggest corporate subsidy in the history of modern civilization???????  Get on the phone and let your opinion be heard and vote accordingly.  That is the only way they will know that we are serious and paying attention.

News (Bloomberg):

The Obama administration’s bank- rescue efforts will probably fail because the programs have been designed to help Wall Street rather than create a viable financial system, Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz said.

“All the ingredients they have so far are weak, and there are several missing ingredients,” Stiglitz said in an interview yesterday. The people who designed the plans are “either in the pocket of the banks or they’re incompetent.”

The Troubled Asset Relief Program, or TARP, isn’t large enough to recapitalize the banking system, and the administration hasn’t been direct in addressing that shortfall, he said. Stiglitz said there are conflicts of interest at the White House because some of Obama’s advisers have close ties to Wall Street.

“We don’t have enough money, they don’t want to go back to Congress, and they don’t want to do it in an open way and they don’t want to get control” of the banks, a set of constraints that will guarantee failure, Stiglitz said.

The return to taxpayers from the TARP is as low as 25 cents on the dollar, he said. “The bank restructuring has been an absolute mess.”

Rather than continually buying small stakes in banks, the government should put weaker banks through a receivership where the shareholders of the banks are wiped out and the bondholders become the shareholders, using taxpayer money to keep the institutions functioning, he said.

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