Branch Banking & Trust (BB&T) REOs

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BB&T© is a bank that dates back to 1872 from Winston-Salem, North Carolina. They also offer insurance and wealth management products. According to their website they have over $136.4 billion dollars in assets. They have about 1500 location in multiple states on the east coast.

Their REO (Real Estate Owned) property is very straight forward. At the time of this writing they have REO real estate in 24 states located from the N.E to the S.W excluding California. You can narrow your search by state, city, county and price range.

Bank REO Info:

This service allows you to search through BB&T© owned properties that are for sale. BB&T© does not sell these properties directly. When you locate a property for which you may have an interest, please contact the realtor identified in the listing for more information.




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  1. WHat a stupid way to do business I looked at one of your properties and made a real offer the unit was totally run down . front steps sunk . front walls and foundation leaking . mold in downstairs due to leaks . all baths leaked and ruined ceailing mold in them due to leaks tubs cracked cielings molded due to bad deck and rotted deck and none flashind . garage doors broken all doors broken in house and total roof needs replaced fenced broken in several areas tatal 40 to 50 thousand in damages to repair and you lowere the cost of 20 thousand no wonder your in financial troubel WOW get your houses evauluated so you can sell them

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