Ecuador default on debt declared by President Correa

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This is one of many more sovereign debts defaults to be declared.  This debt based fractional reserve system is not sustainable and it will become more and more evident in the long run.  I am currently working with a monetary reform group that has come up with a system of issuing currency that does not involve a debt-backing.  Personally I am working on a system for international gold backed trade only currency and a act to address personal savings in the U.S.  I not only try to call the problems out but work on solutions at the same time.


Ecuador’s sovereign dollar-denominated Global 2012 bond fell more on Friday after President Rafael Correa declared default, saying the government would not pay a $31 million coupon payment on its debt.

Correa’s announcement triggers the country’s second default in less than a decade. He said a debt restructuring plan would be present to bond holders in coming days.

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