Fidelity National Default Solution REOs

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At this point I don’t see any information that suggests this company is related to Fidelity Investments. Instead of having REO listings on their website they actually promote another website called “”. The website they promote is pretty nice and looks like some real effort went into developing this REO listing solution.

They have taken a different approach compared to other REO and foreclosure websites. They make you sign-up for a free trial that turns into a paid subscription after 7-days. This might work but I am thinking that with the amount of free REO information out there that this might have trouble gaining major traction. They do try and add value to the offering by giving you access to training videos and a mentoring program.

It is a nice website that is well developed but as to the question of if it is worth a monthly subscription, at this time I could not tell you. We may contact them for a free trial account login to give it the full review and post a follow-up review here.

REO Info:

Smart buyers already know that bank-owned homes represent some of the best bargains in the housing market, and more are discovering the benefits of buying REO homes every day. The problem has been finding an effective way to market your bank-owned properties to buyers, investors and real estate brokers throughout the nation, quickly, easily and affordably.

BuyBankHomes, the state-of-the-art online REO marketplace from Fidelity National Default Solutions (FNDS), offers the ideal solution – effectively bridging the gap between buyers and sellers, giving you everything you need to market your properties more efficiently, to more people, than ever before. With BuyBankHomes, your properties will be seen by a nationwide, 24-hour market of highly motivated buyers and brokers, at the lowest possible cost.


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