U.S. Inflation to Approach Zimbabwe Level, Dr. Faber Says

May 28, 2009 by · Leave a Comment
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All this money pumping has to go somewhere and when you hold interest rates so low, you force people to speculate on other more exotic investments than government bonds to get a return that outpaces the inflation rate.  

Inflation is picking up in the commodity arena, just look at the prices on food and energy.  I love how all measures of inflation seem to pull these out of there figures but those costs ate the ones that affect the most amount of the population being that we still have a large wealth distribution gap in the U.S.  Something has to give way at a point and my call is the dollar and inflation on the rise to compensate for our spending and bailout policy.

News (Bloomberg):

The U.S. economy will enter “hyperinflation” approaching the levels in Zimbabwe because the Federal Reserve will be reluctant to raise interest rates, investor Marc Faber said.

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