Idaho AG announces foreclosure workshop next week (Nov 5th-9th)

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For any of our Idaho readers, next week there will be a number of free workshops that will cover the national settlement for mortgage misconduct.   Idaho is one of the many states that agreed to the settlement and these workshops are designed to go over the settlement and how it effects homeowners.  Let us all hope that this settlement will set the precendent needed to deter this reckless behavior in the future.

AG Lawrence Wasden’s Office – The Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division will be in North Central Idaho next week for a series of informational presentations on foreclosure issues, Attorney General Lawrence Wasden said today. Housing Specialist Ramon Hobdey-Sanchez will discuss foreclosure prevention, Idaho’s foreclosure process, and how the National Mortgage Settlement will affect Idaho homeowners. The one-hour presentations are free and open to the public.

“There are many resources, tools and tips that can assist individuals through the foreclosure process or, better yet, provide them with the necessary knowledge to avoid foreclosure altogether,” Attorney General Wasden said. “I hope that these presentations will be helpful to the many Idahoans who have been through or are currently facing foreclosure.”

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Boise County Idaho files for bankruptcy

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This is a good sign if you really think about it.  If Boise County has unsustainable debt levels then having them file for protection and re-negotiate with their creditors is the proper and legal remedy.  What we don’t want to see is the federal government coming in and bailing these municipalities out and basically trying to have them support large budgets without the tax revenues to back it up.   There are quite a few more on the east coast that are getting close to this point so we should hear something to this effect in the future.  As a nation as a whole, we need to get all our spending back to a sustainable level so we honestly get our house in order and start reducing this historic public debt we have.

Idaho Statesman – In a move rare in the United States and perhaps unprecedented in Idaho, Boise County is filing for federal protection against a multimillion dollar judgment.  “This was not our first option. This was our last option,” said Jamie Anderson, chairwoman of the three-member Boise County Board of Commissioners. “This protects us so we can continue to operate.”  Chapter 9 protection, from a section of federal code expressly for financially distressed municipalities, means that creditors can’t collect while the county is developing a plan for reorganizing its debts.

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Zions Bank REO Department

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Zions Bank boutique commercial and mortgage lending bank headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. This is a medium age U.S. bank that was founded in 1873. They operational range covers Utah and Idaho with 138 banking branches.

At the time of this writing, they had REO listings in 16 states with Residential and Commercial REO property listings. The listings have a basic set of data with most listings having pictures. Some of the listings are direct and some are “under contract”.


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