Video: Jim Rogers ‘Benanke is lying to us, Fed is in the market’

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Mr. Rogers ain’t no slouch when it comes to banking matters.  He made the very astute comment that regardless if we have QE3 or not, the Federal Reserve has been in the market all this time.  When the Fed wants to lower interest rates, the actual method they use to accomplish this is by purchasing agency securities and that pushing yields lowers because of the artificial but very real demand created in that market.  They continue to do this until they get to the desired interest rate.

Jim also understands how to handle an excessive debt problem.  You have to let them fail so they bad (excessive) debt can be defaulted.  Until we get this point and act on it, we will continue to see more disastrous policies and uncertain markets that could spike or crash on a dime and down the road, who knows?   We just need to own up to the problem and see how we can fix it and learn.


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Video – Jim Rogers Says Geithner Caused Crisis and Must Let Banks Fail

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Jim Rogers is spot on again about our current crisis and the fact that we need to let these banks and companies fail to restore confidence in the markets and let the bad debts get liquidated.  What we are doing now it hurting the savers in the country by pushing interest rates down and once we get a recovery, we will saddle the taxpayers with inflation after all this money printing.



Jim Rogers calls most big U.S. commercial banks “bankrupt”

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No doubt Jim, we have a bunch of zombie Banks running around.  The proper action was to let them fail or facilitate the sale of them to other banks that can show that they are not in a distressed position.  Why do people think just because a large bank goes bankrupt that other prudently managed banks would not take their place?  

Instead we are sacrifcing the U.S. dollar and the AAA credit rating of the United State’s government debt.  If I was in charge of this situation it would of gone down differently and with this statement I am not saying there would not be pain but in the end we would emerge stronger with a much better footing for our kids and their kids.


Jim Rogers, one of the world’s most prominent international investors, on Thursday called most of the largest U.S. banks “totally bankrupt,” and said government efforts to fix the sector are wrongheaded.

Speaking by teleconference at the Reuters Investment Outlook 2009 Summit, the co-founder with George Soros of the Quantum Fund, said the government’s $700 billion rescue package for the sector doesn’t address how banks manage their balance sheets, and instead rewards weaker lenders with new capital.

Source: Reuters