Bloomberg to cut 100 U.S. broadcast jobs

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Looks like no one is safe from this crisis.   We should continue to see more layoffs as this “soft depression” continues.  We run majors risks as we continue to have more and more able and unemployed people.  The masses will get restless unless we start addressing the core of the problem, which is the lack of jobs in sustainable areas of the economy which I would emphasize should be production jobs.  We need to be able to produce for ourselves at all times no matter what or we are subject to others countries policies which may or may not have our best interest at heart.  Real talk.


 Bloomberg LP will cut 100 television and radio jobs in the first layoffs since it was founded in 1981 by now-New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

The news and financial data provider will cut the jobs in the United States, 45 of them from its newsroom staff, spokeswoman Judith Czelusniak said, adding that Bloomberg might cut other jobs in Britain, Europe and Japan.

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Swiss Newspaper Reports UBS to Trim up to 4,500 Jobs

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As we have more deleveraging taking place, we are seeing more job cuts to reflect the current and foreseeable future amount of business.  I have been reading this kind of news coming out weekly.  Most cuts seem to be centered around investment banking, financial products and real estate.  We will see this continue well into 2009.  We still have two more waves of mortgage loan resets that will percipatate more write-downs & losses.


Switzerland’s UBS could cut up to 4,500 more jobs in the near future, local media reported on Sunday.  Newspaper Sonntags Zeitung reported it was possible UBS could cut another 4,500 jobs in the next few weeks, without naming a source.

A second Swiss newspaper, Sonntag, reported 3,000 to 4,000 positions at UBS could be slashed, also without naming its source.

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