Ohio Supreme Court limits foreclosure filings

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It is absurd that the courts before this, the lower courts were granting foreclosures without the proper paperwork.  Regardless off statute of limitations issues, it is obvious looking back that major misconduct, including fraud happened on the part of homeowners and lenders to be fair.  The difference is the lenders were offering the credit and in their rush to make the billions in fees that the entire industry reaped during the “go-go” years, they didn’t set aside time to file the proper paperwork to secure their title to many homes. 

We as the taxpayers stood behind the banks in backing them from insolvency, that was for their favor.   Now, in cases were it shows lenders or subsequent title holders can not produce paperwork, showing legitimate claim on the house.   This should fall in the current homeowners favor.  It can break either way when people are greedy.   If you do not allow this to happen, you really start to show a skewed American system where the big boys get protected from both ends and the little people get taken for a ride on both ends (no pun). 

The Columbus Dispatch –  In a decision praised as a safeguard for homeowners in trouble, the Ohio Supreme Court ruled yesterday that lenders can’t file foreclosure cases until they have the proper paperwork in hand.

The ruling will stop the practice of some foreclosures being granted even though lenders failed to produce vital documentation, said one lawyer who specializes in such cases.Common pleas courts cannot hear foreclosure cases unless they are filed by the lender holding the mortgage interest in the property, the justices said in a unanimous ruling.

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REO Division / Park Realtors REO Department

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Park Realtors is a local broker for banks specializing in properties in Cincinnati, Ohio. They work with local lenders and asset managers. The principle, Adrienne Abbott is a former self proclaimed top producer.

At the time of this writing, they were 40 listings based in Ohio. Every listing has a picture and some basic information about each piece of real estate. At this time, we only say residential listings but we did see some multiple unit listings for income potential.


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