Jim Grant on RT’s “Capital Account” discussing monetary policy

April 27, 2012 by · Leave a Comment
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Granted RT (Russia Today) has its own slant and take on geo-politics.   With that aside, they have been much more “hard-hitting” on tackling economic issues and asking questions that sadly, the American mainstream media fail to ask.  It is a sad account on our part.   RT has really upgraded their status with getting such an esteemed guest such as Jim Grant of “Grant’s Interest Rate Observer“.  It is an usually long interview (almost 30 mins) with a guest that has so much say.  He even mentioned how he enjoy being able to convey complete thoughts during this interview.

Hopefully RT will kick start more media outlets to take these economic mis-steps and crimes more serious and start digging deep to get answers and ask questions that have been cast aside because they are not popular topics.   Enjoy the Video.