Japan’s PM prepares to print money for the whole world

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Looks like the Japanese Yen carry-trade will be getting a fresh boost by Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.  Instead of allowing deflation and defaults happen to get debt levels down to sustainable levels, instead we are going to crank them up to unprecedented levels.  In the end this will not work because your debasing your currency and it is a race to the bottom that ends in making a formerly valued currency, valueless.   Enter in, a new currency.

Here are a few interesting quotes I wanted to point out:

We think this could be the beginning of a fresh reflation cycle for the global system, combining with the US recovery to mark a turning point in the crisis


It is tremendously important for global growth, and markets are starting to take note

I read the second quote to say, we have to have more credit creation or we will face debt deflation which we want to avoid at all cost.  It will not be pretty when the music stops.

The Telegraph – Japan’s incoming leader Shinzo Abe has vowed to ram through full-blown reflation policies to pull his country out of slump and drive down the yen, warning Japan’s central bank not to defy the will of the people.

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