Fed: TALF Bailout Program Gets Extended Until March of 2010

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Here is the first piece of commercial real estate bailout that I have been expecting.  In this AP news piece, they mention that the Term Asset-Backed Securities Loan Facility program has been extended to cover CMBS (Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities).  It mentions that that creating CMBS takes time and March 2010 is not that far off so we can either expect another extension or another program that would be more direct to the commercial mortgage industry to get the money more directly.

News (Associated Press):

The Federal Reserve has extended the length of a program intended to spur lending to consumers and small businesses at lower rates, but the central bank said it had no plans to expand the types of loans being made.

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Commercial Real Estate gets Bailout Funds thru TALF

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Called it, this is the first step with more to come.   The Term Asset-Backed Securities Loan Facility or TALF is now extending its program to cover CMBS or Commercial Mortgage Backed Security.  Here is what I have to say about it and a link to the press release.

Fed offers TALF lifeline to commercial real estate industry




Hedge funds gain access to $200 billion in U.S. taxpayer funds

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Well here we go, here is your “Mainstreet” bailout.  I am just shocked that speculator or investors are getting their hands on our money.   We are in a serious crisis and this is a sign the the dollar is going die and we are going to be hit by a depression and hyper-inflation.  Now we are at 0% on the interest rate the only thing they  have left is to print money or what they call Quantitative Easing.  Good Luck, take measure to be prepared.


Hedge funds will be allowed to borrow from the Federal Reserve for the first time under a landmark $200bn program intended to support consumer credit.

The Fed said on Friday it would offer low-cost three-year funding to any US company investing in securitised consumer loans under the Term Asset-backed Securities Loan Facility (TALF). This includes hedge funds, which have never been able to borrow from the US central bank before, although the Fed may not permit hedge funds to use offshore vehicles to conduct the transactions.

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