U.S. Retail Sales Numbers Fall 0.4% Making for a 2nd Decline a Row

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These declines will continue until the economy and job market improves and I do not believe that will happen until the government gets out of the market with all these emergency lending programs.  Right now these statistics don’t mean much because it is not in a normal free-market environment.  We basically have an almost entire banking system that is insolvent without government support and that is bad for moral hazard in the future. 

News (Bloomberg):

Retail sales in the U.S. unexpectedly dropped in April for a second month, indicating that rising unemployment is prompting consumers to conserve cash.

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U.S. retail sales plummet 2.7% in December 2008

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This is not good for an economy and monetary system that relies on constant growth.  Once we are declining we will see this take place all over.  The one thing I hope is that people are waking up and starting to pay down their debt and save some of their income.  Times are going to get much more rough before they get better in my opinion.  This number is more than double the analyst’s estimate, I am not surprised.  I could see first hand in the malls that they were not crowded at all.


Retail sales plunged far more than expected in December, a record sixth straight monthly decline as consumers were battered by a recession, a severe credit crisis and soaring job losses, none of which are likely to ease anytime soon.

The Commerce Department reported Wednesday that retail sales dropped 2.7 percent last month, more than double the 1.2 percent decline that Wall Street expected.

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Economists polled see U.S. Retail Sales down 1.9% in November

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Well this will match with all the rest of the negative economic data we would expect in a severe recession.  We need to look on the bright side that as prices fall because we do not have all the credit in the system pushing them up that will in the end be very beneficial to the consumer.  Saving a flawed system is not an answer all it is doing is pushing off the inevitable.


Retail sales fell sharply in November, said economists polled by Reuters, as the U.S. job market worsened and consumers became cautious spenders.

Retail sales fell 1.9 percent in November after a steep 2.8 percent drop in October, according to the median estimate culled from a Reuters poll of 77 economists.

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