Modern Money Mechanics Videos by Al Wagner CPA

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This was an interesting watch, I have read through the manual he mentions that shows the reader how we “create” money in our economy.  Here is a link to the manual “Modern Money Mechanics“, by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.  It is quite peculiar that we create our curreny through the “Fractional Reserve Banking” along with “Central Banking“.  This is a very interesting subject that I will be exploring in more detail when I launch a new forum for this type of discussion.

Update (07/08/09): After noticing that this video on how money is brought into existence was so popular and out of no where the user pulled the video I took some time and found another hosted version of the video condensed into 70mins.  Enjoy!

Direct Link


5 Responses to “Modern Money Mechanics Videos by Al Wagner CPA”
  1. steve says:

    Why did you take you video down on Money Mechanics ???

  2. Bank REO says:

    It looks like the user pulled the video, too bad. Coming from a CPA this video told the truth and had some weight. Too bad, I’ll see if I can find it somewhere else.

  3. Bank REO says:

    Update: Another version has been found and it is now live. Hope you enjoy.

  4. Scott says:

    Really enjoyed this video, would like to have a version that hasn’t been truncated. Also, I can’t find this guy anywhere else and would really like to know where I can see/acquire more of his material. Please help if you can.

  5. Gus J. Stevens says:

    I find this material interesting to say the least. Please understand; If debt is the subject and say for argument that proof of debt in the case of a third party must adhere to
    United States Code Title 15 Section 1692; then why when questioned in court via suit the Expitive known as your prosiding Judge seems to refuse or acknowledge any of your arguments. Case in point I most recently have taken my Employer to court in the State of Illinois Federal District Court For The Northern District of Illinois for surrendering my payroll earnings to the IRS. The IRS in there Notice of Levy offered no
    Proof of Debt other than filing a Notice of Levy and serving said same on my employer.
    As per the above Code Statute 1692 0f Title 15 there must be Judgment. Prosiding Judge dismissed claim so as not to answer arguments. How then and whoom do you send your quirey with a response resolution. If what I am hearing from your tapes is true we can have all debts that third parties say we owe turn into profit for us. Please explain process if not this is another SCAM that many have tried before.

    Dated: May 29, 2011 Respectfuly Submitted,

    /S/ Gus J. Stevens

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