Peter Schiff video on the current state of thing 12-17-2008

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Peter is right on the money.  I personally took his advice back in November and I am also up 20% in my stock trades.  We are getting close to the point of no return if we are not already there.   You need to prepare and protect yourself now or get run over.  At this point I have no faith in our media or officials.  They have been wrong up to this point and I believe they will continue to do reationary policies and mis-lead us until it is too late and your options will be very limited.  We don’t seem to have any leaders and they seem to keep letting their expert lie to them and tell them what to tell the American public to get them to support bad programs.  No real effort has been made to help the average person and we only help people that have money.  At this point it is now every person for themselves and their family & friends until we see policies that are truely aimed at the average person and it real pains me to say that but the proof is in the pudding.


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