Washington Mutual (WaMu) REO Department

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No review for WaMU REO properties as this time.  I could not find any information on their website or a link to a national broker that was handling their REO listings.  Through searching the web I did happen to pull up a phone number you can call that has a automated voice menu.  Enjoy

REO Phone Number:

1-866-396-6284 (Automated)


5 Responses to “Washington Mutual (WaMu) REO Department”
  1. Buff says:

    this is a joke, Wamu has a foreclosed property listed on the MLS in Wasatch COunty
    and their realtor will not allow anyone to inspect the site. He claims Wamu has a new key they made & are sending it to him. The key must be in the hands of someone who is walking from Nevada to Heber City because it has not arrived since January 2009.
    Is he saving the properrty for himself. I will be talking to the DRE about this & the realtor.

  2. David Calderon says:

    Good, this realtors want ALL the properties for themselves, there should be a law to pull their licence and give better customer service!!!

  3. frankie says:

    I am just sickened regarding the rail roading that our client has received from WAMU. I have had a short in process for 60 days. I was told on 07/23/2009 by Nadine in the short sale department that the sale had been post poned until they had time to review the 3 offers and financial package from the borrower. I was also told by Nadine that she could see all of the required documents were in the system, however, WAMU had changed their procedurals and their were new rules. (she began to read the new rules as though she did not understand the rules herself or had not receive any training) She told me that I would have to re-send the package to 321-837-4123 for esclation of any fannie mea short sales. Only to find out to day that was the worng number. It is the loan modification number. Unbeleiveable the customer has lost theri home due to the lack of training of WAMU’s emolyees. Their offer was at least 80% of the require fannie Mea loan. WithIn 24 hours of the suprised sale the New realtor was calling for our team to remove our lock box and signs. I agree with the previous person why is It is that one real estate company recieves all of the business in a certain area. I suggest that everyone who has a complaint against the banks call their congressman or Senator or Federal Trade Commisson 877-382-4357.

  4. hector says:

    lets go WAMU

  5. Chad Miller says:

    I have received a few WaMu listings through REO World.

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